Our Approach

Why do I do this?

I'm sure you are like me when you start to use new software.  Whether it is a web site, an accounting program, or whatever it might be, the anticipation of "what will it look like?" or "how will it work?" is exciting.  The first time!  After a while you start to see the pattern:  the IT department asks what you want, goes away for a few months, or years, and then presto, they give you what they've created!  The only problem is that you weren't asked what you wanted along the way, and now you're stuck either waiting for updates, or needing to change how you do business!

This type of software development process has got to end!  It is the reason I do consulting, to make sure the end product, is your end product, not someone else's idea of what you want.

Our Story

A little history

I started programming in the "early" ages of computing (1987 to be exact), and as we were trained, software was typically designed within the vacuum of the IT department.  Some things, like requirements might have come from meetings with the customer, but ultimately, anything we designed was done in seclusion.  In some respects, the attitude was, we know what is needed, therefore there was no need to check ourselves along the way.

When I started my first job, I found this was absolutely, positively the wrong approach to software design, and saw myself spending more time with my end user (the one using the software) than programming.  The result was a program, written in 1988 that is still in use today (I just did the calculation; being that it is 2017, that is nearly 30 years!), because it was designed right and fit the user's need!

Since that time, I've done database work, graphic design, web page development, and even embedded software.  But no matter what area of computing I've worked in, working along-side my customer throughout the entire project is where I have found I can provide my best work.

Next Steps...

So, if you'd like to be more involved in your company's software, and you'd like it to work in cooperation with how you work, contact me, and let's start working together!