Database work has been my bread and butter since 1999.  I am a certified professional (OCP) in Oracle 8 and 12c, and have had experience in SQL Server, Access, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.  My wife calls me a database nerd, and she is right...

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You're on the web, and everyone does web sites.  I do too, I'm part of "everyone" I suppose.  And I've done quite a few, some for friends, some for profit.  What makes me different, I would say, is that I make sure that you're involved in the entire process of developing a site.  When we're done, my goal is that both you and I are happy with the end product.

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With many years of experience, I've worked in many areas of software, from writing applications, supporting customers, data entry, graphic design, and as you probably figured, administering database.  Whatever the need, whether it be to support multi-million dollar business processes, keeping airplanes flying, tracking inmate checking accounts (yes, you read that right!), or training people, I can do it all.

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Since 1993

Hey Look at me...


So this is the part of the website where I'm supposed to put something really clever or quippy that makes you think "hey, I really like this guy, I think I'll spend a bunch of money and have it work on my website."

Yeah, sounds pretty ridiculous to me too...

What I could tell you is that I'm glad you've come to the site to check the things I've done for various companies, but what would help more, would be for us to talk either in person or on the phone.  Personally, I think emails and website are so impersonal, and I can imagine you might want to talk to a real, live, human being before committing to some long-term work and contracts.  I know I would.

Well, poke around here, check out some of my previous work, and then call the number below so we can get to know each other better.  From there, we can work together, or not.  Hopefully, we do get to work together, but if not, we can stalk each other since we've exchanged contact information... sorry, that's about as quippy as I get. 🙂

No, that picture to the right is not me... just some stock photo I thought looked nice!


Next Steps...

Truthfully, if we work together or not, I'm happy to discuss your software needs, and see if there is any work we can do together.